Self-driving robots against Covid-19

With Covid-19’s influence on the world and our country, many countries have started to take technological measures. Covid-19, which has become a global disaster, has caused thousands of people to die and millions of people to date. Within Covid-19, the supply lines of the facilities have collapsed and the economies of many countries have collapsed. In order to prevent all of these and to minimize the effects of Covid-19, precautions are taken and applications are started to be used in China, which is the origin of the virus. Autonomous robots are at the top of the applications that are being used.

These robots, which prepare food in hospitals, waitress in restaurants, disinfect the environment and disinfect, play a big role in China’s fight against the virus. In addition, these autonomous robots used in China are used in thermal imaging and diagnosis tasks in hospitals or in transportation of medical samples taken from patients.

In order to lighten the burden of healthcare workers, transportation robots and automated guided vehicles have been used to transport materials to the cafeteria or laundromat in long corridors. Apart from this, it is aimed to disinfect the environments with driverless disinfection tools to be used especially in the entrance and exit of the hospitals and the main corridors of the shopping malls. Finally, they are planning to use autonomous disinfection tools with thermal camera sensors and disinfectant sprayers in the factories that started production again.

In this case TRANSOLT continues to contribute to the struggle with autonomous driving technology and to support companies in demand with full power in autonomous robot projects.

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