Automated Transportation & Industry 4.0

Automated transportation systems have one of the largest shares contributing to digital change of factories. Automated Guided Vehicles(AGV) meet the needs of factories in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards in the field of automated intralogistics. AGVs transport loads between assembly lines and warehouse within factories without the need for an operator.

It gives the user the possibility to track the whole transportation system from remote and thus to optimize the transportation cycles continously. Besides of the increase of workflow efficiency, AGV systems help to save operational costs and to avoid
accidents by its high safety sensors.

Security Increase and Accident Measure

Automated guided vehicles minimize occupational accidents and product losses with high safety measures. Conventional transportion systems are involved to accidents unfortunately with human injuries or damages on products.

According to the American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, a fatal forklift accident occurs every three days in the United States. 45% of these accidents are classified as hitting pedestrians / objects.

To solve these problems AGVs are equipped with high-level anti-collision systems and warning systems as opposed to manned transport systems, which aim to minimize these accidents.

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